Saturday, March 21, 2009

i apologize in advance...

... but i'm slightly amazed at my weird way of progress, i haven't done a nice colored pencil piece or finished any of my personal (non school related) drawings in a long time, but this commission i'm working on is just delighting the fuck out of me (pardon my french).
i'm just amazed at how quickly i'm integrating what i've learned in my drawing II class into my work, and that i've finally finished a like... area of those triangles after all this time of slacking off.
i just had to do them or else i would have put it off with a mix of homework, school, work, and hanging out.


Thursday, March 12, 2009


i haven't really updated lately.
i really should. shouldn't I?

well, here's a few things to share: 

i guess that's it for now.
i'm super psyched about my 3-D class assignments right now.
basically, wood toys. :3
i feel really good about the class.

p.s. i'm lazy and poor so i haven't gone to get my camera fixed yet... at least i hope it's a fixable problem... i think it is.